Singing bowls have been used as ritual objects for relaxation, meditation, and religious practice for centuries throughout most of the East. India, China, Nepal, Tibet, Korea, and Japan each have included these melodic sounding bells as part of rituals both spiritual and celebratory. Described as an inverted bell, these "bowls" sound largely depends upon its size, both width and depth. Rubbing against the inside surface produces melodic sounds unique to that bowl which sounds like no other.

Seven metals correspond with seven planets

Manufactured from seven different metals, singing bowls traditionally match up with the seven known planets. Gold is sun, mercury is Mercury, silver is the moon, lead is Saturn, tin is Jupiter, iron is Mars, and copper is Venus. There are bowls made from crystal that have a sweet sound and those who play these bowls may have the ability to balance and tune their chakras or inner light and promote their emotional well being and overall health.

The tradition of singing bowls dates back to ancient Asia

In a part of the world where spiritual tradition is a vital part of society the singing bowl has played a key role in many religious practices, trance inducing as well as meditation therapy where it has practical application along with the vital importance of traditional well being and healthcare. The Tantric Buddhist sadhana and Bon participants appreciated the sound these bowls produce when their rim and sides are rubbed. More recently these bowls have become known for a particular type that is from Himalaya and are called Tibetan singing bowls.

The sound we hear depends on the size and depth of the bowl

The pitch or tone of the sound that emanates from a bowl will depend on the size, thickness, and weight of the bowl along with how it is "played". By holding it in the palm of one hand and rubbing the rim along its outside with a puja or wooden stick, slowly at first then increasing the speed will cause the bowl to vibrate, and the sound to increase in pitch and tone. Chanting a mantra while making a singing bowl is said to cause the prayer chanted to be released into the universe, working in a similar fashion to a prayer wheel.

A calming sound useful in meditation

When trying to focus the mind and meditate, a bowl that creates such beautiful sound, finds itself useful either at the beginning or during the ending of a period of meditation. The relaxing sound soothes and calms those who need it, and even those who do not. Practitioners of alternative medicine and others who evoke the pleasing sounds of singing bowls in the West have become increasingly popular for their healing capability and calming relaxing therapy that seems more like traditional meditation than any other form of therapeutic treatments. The sound of a large healing bowl calms and soothes like no other sound on earth.

Singing bowls are a tool with ability to calm and heal

Whether it is the sound or the vibrations in the air there is a certain ability of singing bowls to calm and settle the nerves and each of the senses benefits from the soothing sound they make. All one needs to do is relax and let that beautiful musical sound surround them with mystical tranquility.